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Create a world map in seconds using Map Software

Do you need to create a world map frequently? Do you need to present data of various countries using a world map? If you are a faculty at an educational institute or a research fellow dealing with geographical data or a trader with large business spread across the continents, using map software will be idle for creating a world map in less time and for an instant view of data in the form of visual presentation.

For instance, say you need to create a world map to present office locations across the globe. With the help of map software, and the dropping pins tool, you can show the accurate locations of the offices in different continents. Also you can use a dotted pin to show the head office in a particular country or state. Use different colors for different continents and your map becomes more interactive.

Advantages of Map Builder Software

There are various advantages of using map software. You can get many templates with the map software. It includes maps of continents, countries and states. The software can be used in all latest browsers and gadgets. Map software based on SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics), can be used to change the size and the resolution of the maps. SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) is a feature of HTML5 technology. Map software can be used for both online and offline purpose. Websites and blogs can be easily embedded with the help of map software.

You can use a bubble chart map tool provided in the map software. It is especially useful while creating a world map. Simply, increase the size of the bubble for greater values of data and decrease it accordingly for lower data values. The bubbles will be displayed over the respective region on the world map.

A map showing the 10 most popular tourist destination countries of 2015 can be created with an interactive map. As you roll the mouse over a highlighted region, it shows the total number of visitors, places of interest, total area, and the capital of the country, thus enabling quicker access to a wide range of data in an instant. To highlight each country, a different color is used.

The colors used can be displayed in the bottom mentioning the order of the data displayed, such as orange for the country with the highest number of tourists and green showing the least number of tourists among the ten selected countries.

Create a world map easily with the various tools and templates available with the map software. Download the free version of the software and enjoy creating your own world maps. Purchase the registered version of the software for the license key. Free software updates also available once the full version map software is installed.

The ease of using the map software to create world maps is surely going to surprise you. Moreover, time is the key factor. We cannot spend hours creating a world map. So why not purchase map builder software and use it for your work, studies or business? Order today and enjoy the benefits!